Training and WorkShows©

Expanding your skills in many forms
We offer a wide variety of ways to expand the skills you need for every phase of the IDEAL cycle. From lighthearted WorkShows© to intensive implementation programs. Live and/or online. Quick half day programs to longer trajectories.
All training is a mix of fun and hard work. The design is based on the results you want to realize. The program will be adjusted on the fly depending on the progress you make.

There are a few basic building block we can mix and match to meet your needs and help you achieve the results you want.
– WorkShows©: 2-4 hour meetings; hands-on work
– Masterclasses: intensive clinics with lots of individual coaching/direction while you work on your case
– Training: multiple meetings, usually over a longer period of time

IDEAL can be applied to many topics. Every training starts with your intentions (I in IDEAL) and the effects you visualize based on that. We will teach you some of the proven techniques and methods (Designs in IDEAL) that will help you realize your results. And we will practice them and will coach you to customize them to your needs (Essence, Action, Learn in IDEAL). Some of the topics we offer:
Create results with IDEAL – Learn how to manage your work, resources, processes, communication based on results you envision
Lead and mislead – The real secrets of communication. Mindwriting techniques that will help yo communicate and intervene more effectively and stay within ethical boundaries
The Alchemy of Presentation – Keynotes, chairing a meeting, pitches: you need to create impact. Learn the tricks of the trade based on thousands of performances
Innovation, creativity and problem solving – To get the job done you will need to focus on the right questions and have a playbook of problem solving techniques
WinWin negotation – Apply the IDEAL cycle to create solutions that serve the interest of all parties
Self organizing teams – One vision, a wide and diverse range of skills and characters who own their part of the process to make the vision come true

Email or call (+31 651 108 415) if you want to talk about your needs. George will create the perfect fit for you.