How do you get from A to B while B doesn’t exist yet?

Feel, imagine, focus and act in real time to create a way with the IDEAL WorkFlow!

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The IDEAL WorkFlow
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Do you ever feel things could be better, different or more energized?
You’re completely right! Throughout history we’ve always strived to turn led into gold. We improve products, circumstances, processes and try to become better versions of ourselves. But how do you get from A to B while B doesn’t exist yet, the route is unclear and you’re working with a wide variety of people. There is no fixed formula that will work for everyone, everywhere, all of the time. There are lots of ideas, methods and good advice available.
But you will have to figure out what works for you.

Feel, fantasize, focus, follow-through! 
Parker has considered his life as a creation over the last five decades. He reinvented himself over and over again and created eight wildly different careers, many phases in his relationship, lots of theatrical, magical and graphic art. By observing the process of creation he discovered powerful principles that will help you to become aware of what you want to create. And turn feelings into inspired, first-hand visions and tangible results.

The IDEAL WorkFlow helps you to align your energy and activity on every level (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, material) and focus it on what you want to create. The five letters represent:
– What is the purpose of your efforts (Intention)? Turn intentions into perceivable effects that will be your reference point throughout the creation process.
– Fantasize about products, processes and professional skills and knowledge that will produce the desired effect (Design).
– Focus on the essential parts of the ideal design (Essence) to get ready for action: what cannot be omitted without compromising your vision?
– Execute a SurvivalVersion (Action). That is a micro-version of your ideal result containing the essential parts, using little to no means. Improvize, experiment, take some risk, break new ground.
– Evaluate the results of your actions based on the effects (Learn) What worked, what didn’t work? Are you still connected to the intentions? Did the design work? Are you still focused on key elements or did you get lost in less important things? Are you talking and thinking too much instead of trying things out? t

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Advantages of the IDEAL WorkFlow:
– Makes you shift to a creative state of mind as opposed to a reactive state of mind.
– You can plug in any system, philosophy or approach you’re already using. It just helps you to align all of your efforts.
Connects dreamers, rational thinkers and practical do-ers in one WorkFlow.

The core matures. Forms and shapes change.
Improve, change, renew to stay vital & relevant.

Founder of TheCreationGame®
Stand-up illusionist/mentalist ● Author ● Trainer/coach

Inspiring and practical ways to learn

We learn best when we know why we learn and have fun. Emotion is the best information carrier! So we use IDEAL to help you define the outcome you desire. We will design a MotivationalShow, training or coaching based on that result. And we’ll keep redesigning it on the fly because learning is changing. So we can stick to a design if and when it no longers fits your needs.
Everything we offer is a mix of relevant and original content, stimulating and illustrative entertainment, magic, comedy and interaction. George has performed over 4000 LectureShows© in more than 25 countries for a great variety of audiences from. He adjusts to their needs and background. Below you will find more information about:
 Energizing and inspiring shows: original and relevant content fitting your needs mixed with illusions, mentalism, comedy, storytelling, interaction
 Unique training formats: playing is learning, learning is playing
Practical coaching: from A to the results you want
Books and tools: use your own life as a studio and laboratory for creation


High quality content and great entertainment value. An unbeatable mix that will stick for a long, long time as over 4000 audiences have experienced. George Parker coined the word LectureShow© to describe his way over inspiring you with great insights, eye-openers and theory that you can and will use to improve your business and/or develop yourself. As a professional stand-up illusionist and mentalist he supports his original TheCreationGame® content with acts, comedy, storytelling and interaction. Benefit from his experience and custom made shows.

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Learn how to create results with the IDEAL cycle. Or apply the IDEAL cycle to specific skills such as Speaking in public, Communication, Interventions: influencing minds, Self-directing teams, Negotiation, Innovation and more.

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Get practical and hire George to guide you to the results you want. He stimulates, confronts, inspires to help you clarify and charge your vision and get real time results. While you’re achieving your goals you learn to work with the IDEAL cycle. That will put you in a position to apply it to future challenges. We pick the most effective way to coach: live, online, infrequently, daily, shortform, longform. What works is true.

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The SurvivalKit

Start now!

You can start instantly. Buy the SurvivalKit: it’s the smallest, cheapest complete version of the essentials of TheCreationGame®.
For €10,- (shipping costs not included) you will get a colorful notebook, micro-sticky notes to work with the IDEAL cycle, a pen, a ruler, 5 TimeLinePlanners, a manual, the IDEAL referencecard and a special decision making coin that will get you out of analysis paralysis.

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TheCreationGame® offers a growing number of books and products to help you shape and reshape your life, relationship, work and/or business. Go to the webshop to check out products such as:

  • TheCreationGame® – Carddeck
  • TheCreationGame® SurvivalKit
  • TimeLinePlanners

George Parker

When I was six, my father made a cigarette disappear. He put a burning cigarette in his hand, closed it and when he opened it, it was gone! Butterflies escaped in my stomach. In hindsight I made a spiritual commitment on the spot. If this was possible, anything could happen. I desperately needed to know how to achieve wonders like that. That feeling stuck with me for the rest of my life, even after I learned he had done a magic trick a year or so later.
When I was sixteen the spiritual commitment turned into a conscious, rational commitment. My physics teacher lectured on the famous two slit experiment (quantum mechanics). When he talked about how perception changed the outcome of the experiment, the same butterflies escaped. If even our material reality depended on our perception, I wanted to know everything about how that worked. So I told my dean that I wanted to use my life as a laboratory and studio to experience if I could bend reality any way I wanted.

And that’s just what I did. I tried to shape reality at will from that moment on. I went through many trials, errors and successes. And observed how I got from A to my vision. I was obsessed with unveiling the one secret behind the process of creation. I imagined being a professional in health care and made it happen. I fantasized about becoming a programmer because playing with the Commodore 64 got me very excited. I changed into that vision. I became a salesperson, a management trainer, projectmanager and consultant. When I wanted to dive deeper into the world of influencing perception I turned myself into a full time stand-up illusionist and mentalist. I became a faculty member of Jeff McBride’s Magic and Mystery school and became a world class magic performer. I created 3 full evening one-man theatershows, did  masterclasses with my colleagues and performed regularly at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood as well as in Las Vegas. But most importantly, I learned about the roots of the magician. The magician didn’t start out as an entertainer. He was the ultimate change agent. Everything started to click. This was the life I had always been living. Changing reality at will. I stood on the shoulders of giants.

I became a much asked for corporate speaker/performer, mixing original content with high entertainment value. I designed my lectures to be transformational. And talked about my observations, theory and practice. As you would expect, there is no such thing as the one big secret. And there’s certainly not one ultimate method. But I discovered three principles (The Three Laws of Perception) and five key elements (the IDEAL cycle)  that are part of every creation process. They will help you to envision any reality you want and realize that ideal in some shape or form. TheCreationGame® preaches what I have practiced for four decades and I hope it will help you to shape your future the way you love.
It won’t always be easy. But I promise you, it’s a hell of a lot more fun!





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